Imelda Morgan

Imelda has been doing design for over eight years, and enjoys the variety and challenge that comes with the role of Graphic Designer. Print media is what she dreams most about, but digital and web platforms do get her excited and inspired as well. She is a self-confessed perfectionist.

Tim Morgan

Tim is our Web Project Manager, and is an experienced web coder/builder/designer. He loves to build websites that are functional - easy to navigate and slick in application - using a variety of web technologies to interpret our designs into elegant, working sites. He is also a musician working in variety of musical outlets.

Charlie Baker

Charlie has always had her hand in something creative has an eye for all things pretty. She's one of the Two Sparrows graphic designers but she's very busy with other creative projects too, likeĀ Charlie Jane, her range of handmade gifts, unique toys, home decor and fabric lettering.