Whio WordPress Maintenance Package

Our NZ blue duck (whio) is a watchful bird – it will see you before you see it. They are also an indicator of healthy rivers and streams, as they like clean, high water quality. These qualities make them our inspiration for this maintenance package – just like the whio, we keep a watchful eye on your website, enabling you to be assured that it remains in a healthy state.


Whio WordPress Maintenance Package

This annual subscription package provides a proactive service that performs the following tasks:

  • Backups: We will set up scheduled database and full-site backups, saving these to our Google Drive account. If anything goes terribly wrong with your site, we will have backups from three months ago to revert to. Whew!
  • Security: We will install a premium version of Wordfence. This highly rated security plugin provides the best protection available for your website and enables us to monitor hacking and non-genuine login attempts. Hacking of small sites is common (read a great article by Wordfence on this here) and a very unpleasant experience if it happens!
  • Plugin updates: Once every month, we will perform all available plugin updates, including WordPress version updates when available. This is important to ensure your website is functioning well and is secure. While this is something that you can do yourself, we consistently find that this is not a priority for most website owners. By keeping plugins up to date, if anything is affected by these updates, the issue can be found and fixed quickly – it could be a much bigger deal however if plugin updates are left to lapse.
  • Broken links: Once every month we will check your site for broken links. Broken links affect your SEO credibility – we’ll fix those links for you.
  • Test contact forms: Once every two months we will test your website contact forms are working. There’s nothing more annoying than getting error messages on a form you’re trying to send – and they’re totally useless if that message is not actually getting through to you!

This package costs $545+gst annually, or $46+gst per month.


* Have a look at the awesome initiatives that are working to protect this national bird: